Tribe Ranks

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Tribe Ranks

Post by Vipur on Wed May 27, 2015 4:24 pm

Here is the list of tribe ranks

Chief-The male leader and strongest of the tribe. Sometimes, if the male is blue, then he will lead to tribe into a great age. Anyone can challenge the leader, but the loser will be sacrificed, so almost no one does it.

Huntress-The female leader/second in command of the tribe, and the Chief's mate. Only the Chief can choose the Huntress if he becomes a new Chief, or the old one dies.

Deputy-The Deputies will help out the Chief if he needs advice. They are mostly retired soldiers or any leader, but can be young.

Dino Rider:
Dino Rider-The elite attack force and army, the Dino Riders are either aerial, naval or grounded. Anyone of these following can have a dino for a mount- Chief, Huntress, Deputy(rarely), and Soldiers, who make up the dino army and Trappers(Mostly for carrying meat).

Soldier-The main army of the tribe. These reptilians are fierce warriors who will never stop trying to help out their tribe and will risk their life for it.

Trapper-The hunters of the tribe; they find meat for the whole tribe. They can be in the army too.

Shaman-The main healers and scientist of the tribe. Sometimes they will be sent out into the battlefield.

Defender-The second army of reptilians that will mostly guard the campsite and the Chief.

Rookie-The Defender, Soldier, Trapper, or Shaman in training. When a egg hatches, it becomes a rookie and will soon begin it's training.

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