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Vipur the Viper

Post by Vipur on Fri May 29, 2015 8:33 pm

Name:  Vipur
Nicknames: Vip, Viperscale, Huntress of the Forest Reptiles.
Age: 21.
Interests: Hunting, Running, Climbing trees, Cooking.
Dislikes: The cold, wildfires, being in a barren place.
Fears: Being lost forever.
Personality: Vipur  is a ongoing and hardy reptile. She will do sometimes until she finishes it, and hates to be interrupted. She also has a passion for cooking and can make excellent dishes for her tribe. Viperscale is a huntress, the female leader of the tribe, yet she likes to do some of the hard work.

Scales: Green, tan belly and white circles.
Eyes: Yellow.
Height: 7'.
Armor/Weapons: Spiked ball tail, and a metal left arm that is just covering her arm.

Tribe: Forest Reptilians.
Rank: Huntress.
Family: All dead.
Mate: N/A.
Clutchlings: N/A

Strengths: Near trees or high places, is very swift.
Weaknesses: Cold things, other strong enemies.
Magic: Can use plants and communicate with animals. Can also turn into her dark form, (at the bottom) and turn into an alligator, crocodile, serpent, or lizard.
Special Abilities: Is very fast, can jump well.
Combat Style: Quick jabs.
History: Vipur was raised by her parents, the Huntress and the Chief. She started out as a rookie, then became a trapper for only a short time. But then she became Huntress after her parents died and she won the Contest of the Huntresses. Viperscale didn't have any siblings at all, so she was lonely sometimes.

RP Style: Vipur ran though the trees, leaping onto branches of various trees. She stopped, sniffing the air. Wildfire! Viperscale hissed as she saw the plume of smoke. A volcano had blown again.  The a rumble shook the tree, and Vipur fell down.


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